Hi, we are ADK MY

We are a full-service advertising agency with a mission – to move the world with the stories that we tell.

As a proud member of the ADK Group, which is Japan’s 3rd largest total communications service agency with over 40 offices in 12 countries, we find ourselves continuously inspired by the diverse people, insights and knowledge around us as we continue our search for ideas that are powerful enough to move brands, people and products.

We have you covered

At ADK MY, we provide a holistic range of communications services to help move your brand to greater heights. Our fields of expertise include account servicing, media, creative, planning, events and business development.

Being part of the ADK Group also means we have access to a wide range of auxiliary services such as TV optimisation, talent management, content marketing, in-store activation and even animation.

We live to challenge

We pride ourselves as a challenger agency. We understand that conventional wisdom may work for category leaders, but chasing one down takes a massive undertaking. This is why we need to be the force that never stops challenging.

It’s a leaner, more agile approach powered by people that never sit still. We are always looking for an edge to help brands avoid ‘me too’ work.

We are your friends

We believe that an agency is only as strong, diverse and fun as its people. ADK MY is home to a team of exceptional talents of diverse backgrounds and expertise who are dedicated to moving your brands forward.


Hajime Narita
Regional Business Director

What we have done

Over the years, we have been entrusted by a diverse portfolio of clients to help them move up in their respective industries. Here are some of the brands that have given us the privilege to tell amazing stories for.

We are at your service

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